Unity 5

My first impressions about Unity 5 are:

  • Large community that helped me a lot;
  • Use C# to write some lines of code;
  • To debug an Android app, it is only available via Wi-Fi. Why not via USB cable?
  • I need learn how to design characters, scenario, etc.

Now I can understand much better how video game development implies. It is necessary have a few top designers and developers. I am really delighted to develop an Unity 5 video game! 😉


Few days ago, I was faced by an particular issue. How to update a Fragment List after I have clicked on Alert Dialog Fragment? After hours of research, I have found an useful tutorial.

There is a particular text that have caught me attention!

Often you will want one Fragment to communicate with another, for example to change the content based on a user event. All Fragment-to-Fragment communication is done through the associated Activity. Two Fragments should never communicate directly.

After I have learned this paragraph, the solution for my problem was easy to fix! All you have to do is:

  1. Define an interface
  2. Implement the interface
  3. Deliver a Message to a Fragment

If you have followed those three steps, your application runs well without any kind of problems.