How to create a Microsoft Outlook 2013

A few months ago, it was painful for every time I create an email copying data from database manually. So it was a good idea to get data from database and put it in MS Outlook 2013 email automatically.

I was developing a web application (ASP.NET MVC 4). My next task was find out how to create a MS Outlook 2013 email quickly and easily.

Following this tutorial, an email was created automatically. The web application user just need to confirm the content and send to someone with painless.


Authenticating Users with Windows Authentication

I was building an Intranet web application for Águas de Gaia, EEM and I wanted to ensure that they were logged in using a valid Windows account on the network, and to be able to retrieve each incoming user’s Windows account name within web application.

At the time, a web application was developed in MVC4 with IIS Express.

The steps to authenticate users with Windows Authentication are:

  1. Edit Web.config file:
  2. <authentication mode="Windows"/>
  3. In Property Explorer, change Windows Authentication property from Disabled to Enabled.

  4. Windows Authentication Enabled
    Windows Authentication Enabled

These two steps described above are enough to have a Windows Authentication enabled and it’s up to you how to deal with permissions in some Controllers.