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USB Web Camera

Watching live images with USB Web camera is an exciting must do when you are building robot. I assume you installed VNC server to allow you to remotely view your complete Windows system. After I learned how to capture images with fswebcam, I decided to go further where my question arose up: “How can I watch live images using the same USB Web camera?”. The answer is in the next video below.

Imagine you are watching live images while your robot is running around your garden.

Sources: Mastering BeagleBone Robotics, Grimmet, R., pp. 71-74 & My Experiences With the Raspberry Pi — Tracking My Learning — My Pi Projects

Linux Commands on BeagleBone Black

On BeagleBone Black, I mainly work with the command shell. For that reason, I will enumerate important commands to type at LXTerminal:

  • shutdown the system: sudo poweroff
  • find a file: sudo find / -name FILENAME
  • shows what’s inside a directory: ls -lah
  • find out what USB device are connected: lsusb
  • get information about connected devices: cat /proc/bus/input/devices
  • get your version of system: lsb release -a
  • find out running processes: top
  • shows disk space: df -h
  • update your package list: sudo apt-get update
  • try to reconfigure specific application that failed to install: sudo dpkg –configure APP_NAME
  • try to fix a specific broken package: sudo apt-get install APP_NAME -f